say hi to boy from ipanema

i once met a boy from ipanema
he told me that everything is a dream
everything that happens now
will be forgotten,
but dreams will be remembered

he couldn't get over his ex-girlfriend
he couldn't remember anything
with her

he kept on surfing
at hyun beach because
he told me that there was a legend there
he told me that there was a door
deep in the sea
and when you can find that door
you can look into other people's dreamland
but you can never get out once
you go inside

all you can do is drift from one 
dreamland to another.

he fell in love with a girl
and he told her that he wanted
to go find that door under the sea

so he kept on swimming
and swimming
and searching
and swimming

one day the girl got stung by a jellyfish
and she spent the night with the boy
she asked him not to disappear anymore
but he doesn't say anything

the girl woke up alone

the boy has found
the door and swam
into her dreams;
their time spent
together hasn't been
lost but become
itself a dream.

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