say hi to frustrating

internet connection is slow as fuck
today has been irritating and annoying
do you ever get that feeling?
that feeling of utter annoyance with nothing in particular
it just is

i'm not even on my period
actually i haven't had one for awhile now
no im not knocked up
i have a hormonal imbalance
which turns me into megabitch
so don't mess with me

even sleeping is annoying
EVERYTHING is annoying
writing this is annoying

i just want to scream a big fuck you
to nothing in particular

i can't even sleep this day off because everything is SO ANNOYING
i already cleaned up my usually messy study table
and rearranged my books
and took my medicine
and wrote in my journal

but the persistent feeling of annoyance stays

i usually feel like this when im depressed
i turn into an OCD monster
and try to clean everything in my way

or maybe im about to die of an unknown illness

i just want to puke

i can't even stand myself
could this be a stem for more deeper issues?

well i don't fucking know

fuck hormones

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