say hi to my experiences pt.1

Took this ages ago.
This is Camiguin Island from the view of my grandmother's hometown.
The last time I went there was for my grandmother's funeral
And I didn't even get to see it because it was covered with fog
And a sperm whale just died
And it smelt like extra strong durian
Even if I didn't really see it.
For the last vigil we drank alcohol till morning with my cousins from Iligan
And when it was 6am we went to the sea wall where we ordered some more alcohol
And sang karaoke
And it was beautiful
And I wasn't even drunk
I just really hate beer after drinking hard liquor
And we talked about how Napoles and some hitman was related to our family
And it was amazing
This guy cousin of mine seemed to never get drunk
And I was wondering how that could be
But the locals were arguing because they saw a dead whale
So I went to the seawall
But I really felt like I was floating
And they were all pointing at one direction
but all i can see was the ocean
So I gave up and pretended that I saw it
When we went to take a shower at my aunt's house at 8am
I crashed to the bed and slept for an hour
And my aunt woke me up because it was almost time for the funeral
I threw up my breakfast while taking a shower
And i felt like dying at how hungover i was
but I made it out alive.

My grandma's funeral was interesting.

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