say hi to you don't belong in the present

is it okay for the past to interfere with the present?
it happens all the time
sometimes we succumbed to it, 
sometimes we think about it,
and sometimes we go back to it.

but you meet new people along the way
which made you happy and sad
you learn new knowledge and let go
of the things that has already happened

is it then okay to let the past interfere with your present?
the answer is no
what happened already happened. 
never assume. 

remember everything that happened in your life
has led you to this moment in time
that is a blessing that can only come from the present

so kids, if there's one thing i've learned from architecture 101,
it's that misunderstandings can fuck your lives up
so you better not assume
and regret it 10 years later after you find out the truth

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