say hi to crooked

nothing ever lasts forever
in the end you changed
there is no reason,
no sincerity. Take away
such a thing as love
tonight, i'll be crooked

leave me alone
i was alône anyway
i have no one,
everything is meaningless
take away the sugar-coated comfort
tonight, i'll be crooked

i scream and get dizzy
i vent out of boredom
to other couples
i start fights for no reason

a lonely island,
lost and wandering
the empty streets are
filled with those who are alone
unlike my heart,
the weather is so damn nice.

i used to believe in you
alone and i was happy
but like a joke, I am lèft alone.

i want to hide my pain
and become even more crooked
i'll spit towards the sky
you're scared of my crude
words and my rough eyes
but actually, I'm afraid

i want to go back but
i have nowhere to go
i want to love but no one to love
what am i supposed to do?

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