say hi to i want too many things and they're all cameras!

im feeling film sick
as in i miss shooting with film 
i still have rolls of undeveloped film
somewhere in the dark recesses of my room
all i want for christmas is a camera 
and a dose of serotonin & dopamine wouldn't hurt
and yes, i already stopped taking adderall 
moving on!

Superheadz The Last Camera


 it's relatively cheap at only 2,600 pesos and i'm still convincing myself 
if its really worth it, you know? you can find out more about it here

sample photos:

Digital Harinezumi

I'm really inlove with this one! It's digital but it captures photos and videos
just like an 8mm film. It has monochrome, lo-fi and other unpredictable image results.

here's a video example from steve weiss  it looks so dreamy and my hands
are actually itching to get my hands on it but it comes with a not so easy price.

yeap, it's worth a whooping 6,000 pesos. I'm up for it but i need a little convincing 
and so far, im a little convinced from watching a lot of reviews from other people 
but the price...

i bet you can see me crying in the corner now.

hope i can actually buy these. my original plan was to buy a real vintage camera
like a rangefinder or an slr and im still researching on it.

 time will tell!

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