say hi to rooftop soignée

i slept on the rooftop yesterday
felt the cold wind and watched 
the people from below moving forward
with their lives as i suspended mine
in that high place void of people

the birds were circling around themselves
as the clouds moved to the direction of the wind
i closed my eyes and felt an overwhelming 
sense of peace from complete silence

 i listened to the nightingale 
and looked at the clouds
time seemed to stop,
suspended in that little rooftop

i roamed around the empty rooms
 and danced around like tilda swinton
to trapped by this thing called love
spun around, twirled and laughed

i've never felt so carefree and happy
than in that moment
it was like a breath of fresh air
and the space that i needed
to get away from all the busy people

it was beautiful

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