say hi to shattered

 I made this list last year.
Everything was different then. 
I still wasn't a neurotic back then. 
I wish I was still the person a year ago.

Full of life, optimism, and hope for what is to come.

1. Go to the gym everyday.
2. No more rice
3. No more binge eating
4. Take into consideration what you eat or do
5. Distract yourself
6. No chocolates
7. Minimal bread
8. Oatmeal is a yes
9. Be healthy-minded. No more milk teas.
10. Greentea in the morning or evening. Remember to recycle.
11. Sketch more. Sleep more. Do more.
12. Water. Only drink water from now on.
13. No cheating or shortening of exercises. One day this will all be worth it.
14. DO YOUR LEG EXERCISES. No cheating or skipping.
15. Listen to music.
16. Do not spend money on useless things. Make investments instead.
17. Inspire and remind yourself why you're doing this.
18. Do more. Be more. Be happy. Be satisfied. Do not disappoint.
19. Get back on the right track.
20. Go at your own pace.
21. Do the right thing all the time
22. You don't need to socialize when you don't feel like it.
23. Find books that inspire, go to places that inspire, do things that inspire.
24. Do well on studies. Always. No excuses. Do what you have to do.
25. Be interesting.
26. Be well groomed and presentable at all times.
27. Be yourself. Love yourself. Be goal-oriented.
28. Bear all the irritation and espeglerie of people around you.
29. Dress whatever you like. Mr. Galliano's words.
30. Inspire. Inspire. Inspire. Inspire. But don't get your head in the clouds for too long.
31. Buy one luxury item a month.
32. Never stop learning.
33. Learn how to sew. Find a sewing machine.
34. Experience is the best teacher.
35. Do your own thing. Don't follow trends. Create them.

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