say hi to reminisce

i remember the past
too much these days
and i won't lie that
i kind of miss it

it's the way of life that
i've known for 3 and a half years
it's not easy to forget
and im a little confused
is it selfish of me to want
to forget the past?
or atleast make it bearable
to remember

i felt so alone and lonely
when i was there


everyone's so busy with
their lives and im stuck

i've lived a jetpack
and fastpaced world
when i was there because
it required alertness
and relentless moving

in the middle of it all,
i just stopped completely
i didn't know why i was
doing it anymore

i didn't even like it
some aspects were interesting
like the media and getting published
but it fades away pretty fast

it wasn't what i expected

and it took me 3 years to realise that.

now whenever i remember
what i used to do there's
this certain melancholia
filling my heart that's
bordering on nostalgia

i won't be able to be a photojournalist anymore
i won't go to isolated places
to see growth and development
all the memories i've had were precious
and to be honest, i wouldn't have
it any other way even if i did
end up leaving.

old memories will be replaced by new ones
im holding on to that.

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