say hi to star gazing

it started out while we were drinking
we thought about a lot of things
i was still carrying a heavy load
that i should have dropped a long time ago

as the night got deeper
our conversations became more meaningful
as everyone started to leave
we sat facing each other
cross legged and smiling
on top of our terrace
as we thought about life
and how far we have come

we fagged out on marlboro blacks
which made me smile because it
smelt like cheap lucky strikes

we laid on the ground
and looked at the stars
and the shining full moon

we started asking the questions
we were too afraid to ask
about life and death
cosmos and stars

in the middle of it all
came a shooting star
which we immediately wished on

it is time to give my self importance
its time to trust myself
its time to live my life

thank you
thank you
thank you

i will never forget this night
and the things we shared
with each other

you're right

life is wonderful.

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